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Exhibition site 丨CAPAFAIR into the 135th Canton Fair

Professional buyers are an indispensable core of an exhibition, and participating in important industry exhibitions at home and abroad is one of the most important ways for CAPAFAIR organisers to promote Ningbo Auto Parts Expo and invite professional buyers, so naturally, we can't afford to miss the Canton Fair, which is known as China's No.1 exhibition!

Ningbo Manufacturing Troupe Goes to Yangcheng

The 135th Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou City from 15 April to 5 May in three phases. From the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the latest release of data shows that all the booths of the Ningbo Fair Ningbo delegation exceeded the 4,000 mark, a new record, an increase of more than 100 than the previous year, the number of exhibitors more than 10,000 people, continue to rank fifth of the country's 50 trade missions (the first four for Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai).

It is reported that this exhibition, Ningbo delegation has a total of 1,315 export exhibition brand booths, an increase of 42 than the previous session, brand booth rate of 33.5 %, higher than the national average (20.0 %) and the average level of the province (30.3%). All three exhibitors 1,454, of which, 214 brand booth enterprises, manufacturing "speciality, speciality and new" enterprises nearly 200, booth special rate of 64.3%, which shows that Ningbo's strong level of manufacturing industry, which is exactly what we do a good job of the Ningbo Auto Parts Show a strong boost.

CAPAFAIR team invited international buyers on site

With the opening of this spring Canton Fair, CAPAFAIR team went to the exhibition site at the first time, and visited seven pavilions involving auto parts, motorbike parts, new energy vehicles and intelligent travelling in three major fields. It is reported that a total of 1,106 auto parts exhibitors were present at this exhibition. At the exhibition site, CAPAFAIR team interacted with international buyers, strongly promoted the 2024 China Ningbo International Auto Parts Fair and invited them to visit Ningbo in September for purchasing, and the international buyers have expressed their expectations.

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